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Studio Smoke Dragon Tattoo and Piercing was developed to provide quality service, from the pleasant and air-conditioned environment to our asepsis and quality of the materials used in our services. We are located in downtown Rio de Janeiro, close to the Detran and 5 minutes from the Uruguaiana Metro station. Come visit us and discover our wide variety of piercings or bring your tattoo idea and let our tattoo artists create an exclusive art for you.

Estudio de tatuagem e piercing no Rio de Janeiro


Monday / Friday 10:00 - 19:00

Saturday - closed

Sunday - Closed


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  • Instagram - White Circle
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Tel. + 55 (21) 96948-0570

Street: Da Conceição 25 B 
Sahara / Downtown / Rio de Janeiro

Zip code: 20051-011

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