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Mini Tattoo com Dermografo

Imagine faturar no mínimo R$3.000 a mais todos os meses utilizando apenas seu demógrafo!!

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Earn more from your micropigmentation clients,

selling a new service and using your dermograph

Increase your studio's revenue by 1, 2, 5 thousand reais per month, offering a service that is still new to pigmentation, generate recurrence of your customers, create relationship, and get ahead of the competition!

Learn to make and sellmini tattoos with your dermographto offer this service to your micropigmentation clients, and earn much more!



Master several applications to make mini tattoos in video practical lessons, step by step showing all the important details and techniques for you to make amazing mini tattoos with your dermograph.

And earn much more from your micropigmentation clients

Limited time promotional price!
10x de 
BRL 28.79
Or spot by BRL 247.00

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Now generating recurrence of your micro customers is possible!


Studies prove that keeping customers is much cheaper than always getting new customers!

When we work with micropigmentation, it's very common to see our client once a year, and look! But when we can offer more services to the same customer, we are able to retain them, create a closer relationship and, as a consequence, expand the cheapest marketing of all, word of mouth, and still  same client! 

Through the Mini tattoo course, you will increase   a lot your revenue, without having to conquer newusing your demographer, you will learn a simple, practical step-by-step, which with my support becomes easy to learn, according to your availability of time and in the comfort of your home.

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curso para micropigmentadoras, curso on line micropigmentaçao.png

Support via Instagram and WhatsApp straight with the teacher

It is possible  yes to generate more revenue for your Micropigmentation studio, and it has to be now!

A client does not undergo micropigmentation every month, so offering something extra to your client is very important, in order to earn more from her and generate a relationship, or else she will micro with you and only come back.

a year from now, and look there!
But come on, do you agree with me that this something extra cannot escape your niche, it has to be desired by your client and with a good billing ticket, a ticket that is more valuable than cleaning wires, for example?

I'll point out some reasons for this something extra to be the MINI TATTOOS FINE LINE


● You will sell to the customers you already have, and even better, you can sell multiple times to the same customer!

● You will utilize the demographer you already have! The same one you use to do micropigmentation!


● Return on your investment is basically immediate! With just two mini tattoos you already have your investment back!


● Just as my clients love it, your clients will also love this proposal, as they are delicate tattoos with fine features, they are very desired by the profile of clients we already serve!

●It will generate recurrence and relationship with your customers, consequently, increase word of mouth marketing;


● With my method, the procedure is easy to learn, it has a step by step to follow!

● You don't need to know how to create drawings, I'll teach you how to make a template called a decal, where you can be inspired by ideas from the internet, print and replicate perfectly on your client's skin as she wishes.

See what the students of the mini tattoo course for pigmentation are saying...

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curso micropigmentaçao, curso on line micropigmentaçao_edited.png
melhor curso de micropigmentaçao_edited.png

Discover the modules of the mini tattoo course

  • module 0– Start here

In this module you will understand the didactics of the course and understand the instructions of direct support with the teacher Samara 

  • Module 1 – Understand more about the service

In this module you will understand about your niche with mini tattoos, how to sell this service to your client, what your billing will be and how much to charge for each tattoo model

  • Module 2– Indispensable documents

Anamnesis form, consent form, post procedure

  • Module 3 – tattoo inspiration

In this module you will know  the necessary tools to create your fine line tattoos according to the wishes of your clients.

  • Module 4– Materials

In this module you will learn the materials needed in each phase of the mini tattoo, from biosafety, decal, demographers, needles and other materials.

  • Module 5- decal

What is a decal, step by step to perform, proper posture to paste the decal, activity to put into practice

  • Module 6–  Different techniques

Here I will teach you the fine line, pointillism, shadow and painting techniques.

  • Module 7 - Common questions

The course has been in existence since 2019 and we are already more than 300 students, thanks to their initial experience, we improved the  course and today we understand the most common doubts, in this module, you will have the answers to these objectively.

  • Module 08–  Key Secrets

In this module we will talk about the key secrets for a perfect tattoo and apply the activity to your development

  • Module 09–  Bench

Demonstration how to assemble your mini tattoo bench

  • Module 10–  Tattoo 1

Demonstration in model of a tattoo with fine line and painting

  • Module 11 –  Tattoo 2

Demonstration in model of a tattoo with fine line, painting, pointillism and shadow

  • Module 12 –  Freehand (Hands free)

Tattoo demonstration without decal, that is, freehand model.. in this example I used a branch that involves the model's arm, contains a fine line, shadow, pointillism and painting

  • Module 13 –  Conclusion

In this module we will deliver your certificate of completion and give you access to the WhatsApp group to exchange experiences

curso de mini tattoo para micro pigmentadoras.png
curso de mini tattoo para micropigmentador.png

Meet Professor Samara

I am 24 years old, I have been working in the Micropigmentation market since 2017, currently the main services I offer here at  studio are Micropigmentation, Laser Removal and Mini Tattoo Fine Line.

My first academic training was a technologist in commercial management, then in aesthetics, but most importantly, I have already invested more than 30 thousand in knowledge, exclusively in the eyebrows market.

And today, I share with my students all this experience and knowledge since 2020, in face-to-face and online courses.


The fine line mini tattoos entered my service card as soon as I started working as a micropigmentator, because from the beginning I felt the need to generate recurrence and relationship with my clients, where I realized that with my demographer I can go beyond eyebrows and lips and sell more to the same customers and earn much more.

So I put it into practice, I took some courses and today I fill my schedule and my billing with the mini tattoos very well.
I am very specific in the type of tattoo I do and my clients love my fine line work! I understood that other professionals in the area would need to solve the same problem and that's why I developed the online courseMini tattoo for pigmentation.

curso de mini tattoo para micropigmetadoras, curso de micropigmentaçao (1).png

Stay calm! If you don't like it, we'll refund 100% of your money!

The Mini Tattoo  Course for Scalp Pigmentators has an unconditional 7-day guarantee.


You can attend the classes and if for any reason you are not satisfied with the method, just request a refund from the platform.

You will get back every penny you paid.

The goal is to add real value to your life, showing extremely effective and simple techniques that will lead you and your business to much greater profitability!

The only risk you run is to be here and become an Expert in mini tattoos and be successful with your clients. That simple!

Let's remember what this opportunity offers:

●A novelty for pigmentation companies to earn much more; ●An opportunity to retain your customers, generate recurrence and get ahead of the competition;
●A practical and simple step by step to make mini tattoos, using your dermograph;
● Make a template called a decal to create the tattoo your
customer wants, without having to draw freehand and without difficulty;
● Foolproof strategy to sell this service and how much to charge for it;

curso para micropigmentadoras, curso on line micropigmentaçao.png

Support via Instagram and whatsapp 
directly with the teacher!

Class n°02 open for a limited time!

up to 10x
BRL 28.79
Or spot by
BRL 247.00

C  ompr a   1 0 0 %    segura !

This product does not guarantee the achievement of results, you need to put into practice all the knowledge you will receive! Any reference to the performance of a strategy should not be interpreted as a guarantee of results.

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